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:: This website provides a style of presentation and arrangement of different topics of chemistry college courses.

:: During the last few years, the different boards and universities in the world have been trying to modernize the syllabus of chemistry.

:: The subject matter describes this website covers much of the basic chemistry that is needed by the students who wish to study chemistry at the degree level.

:: The Author seeks justification in presenting the post on this website to trying the fulfill the gap. But how much a student learns depends on himself.

:: Introduction of the electronic theory of chemistry as early as possible and a constant application of their principal given on this website.

:: All the pages include the application of principles in the form of solved problems and numerical.

:: To understand the text in a more systematic manner all the page on this website has proper subheadings.

:: All posts have been updated simultaneously and the labels give the proper updating.

:: The author wishes to thank all those who helped in the presentation of this website.

:: Better methods of presentation are always there. Suggestions for improvement and criticism will be gratefully received and acknowledged.

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