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Chemistry, physics, biology online quizzes for school college students competitive examination Free online quizzes or multiple choice question answer (MCQ) published on learning chemistry help to test the knowledge of chemistry and biological chemistry for school college students who prepared for different types of competitive examinations. The multiple choice question answer (MCQ) has divided into two sections like chemistry and biological chemistry.

Chemistry Quiz Questions

Chemistry Quiz 1

The element platinum belongs to the block

Quantum numbers set of the 19th electron of chromium

Why ideal gas cannot be liquefied?

Effective nuclear charge of potassium ion

What is the SI units of Van der Waals constant b?

How many geometric isomers are possible in butene?

IUPAC name of CH3CH2C(CH3) = CH2

The correct order of energy of 2s orbitals in H, Li, Na, and K

The hybridization of xenon atom in XeF4

The formal oxidation number of Cr and Cl in the ions Cr2O7-2 and ClO3- are

Chemistry Quizzes

Biochemistry Quiz Questions

Biology Quiz 1

Anoxia is caused by

Amino acids obtained from

What is the role of hemoglobin in blood?

Which of the following molecules is a secondary metabolite?

Lecithin is a

The potential of pure water at standard temperature and atmospheric pressure is

Action potential in neurons is generated by a rapid influx of

Erythropoietin is produced by

Tendrils are modifications of

Which of the following proteins does not play a role in skeletal muscle construction?

Biology Quizzes

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