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Biology Quiz 1, the online Quiz set contains 10 multiple choice questions (MCQ) related to different topics of biological chemistry to grow the knowledge of the said topics for different types of school college competitive exams. There are four options given for each biology MCQ question, out of four only one is correct.

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Glycoproteins are formed in which one of the following organelles?

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The first enzyme that the food encounters in the human digestive system

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Which one of the human cells lacks a nucleus?

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Which of the following statement is true about trypsinogen?

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Which one of the following organisms respires through the skin?

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Which of the following reactions is catalyzed by high-energy UV radiation in the stratosphere?

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Which of the following proteins does not play a role in skeletal muscle construction?

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Tendrils are modifications of

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Erythropoietin is produced by

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Action potential in neurons is generated by a rapid influx of

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