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The main aim of online college chemistry courses to study the interaction between atoms and molecules. It also provides the reactions and physical changes of compounds. Like other branches of science, it also has many sub-disciplines. But organic, inorganic, physical are the main disciples of chemistry. Other forms of chemical research include analytical, electrochemistry, acid, organometallic, quantum, nuclear, thermochemistry, solid-state, advanced inorganic, physical and organic chemistry.

Chemistry is the key to our daily life because our present life totally depends on chemical compounds. Thus the author of this page tying to share some of these topics for his/her study courses.

Online chemistry education courses

During the last few years school college chemistry education trying to modernize. Thus the authors of this page trying to fulfill this gap.  Attempt to published some topics for school college courses to study online.

  1. It prepared for the systematic education of school college students and concern with the major topics of chemistry.
  2. It helps you to learn basic concepts and fundamentals.
  3. Provides the best free content for school college courses.
  4. It engages the students with quizzes and trying to share the related videos.

But there cannot be any short cut to achieve the goal. Success comes through endless practice. An intelligent approach demands a better understanding of the basic concepts of and a thorough knowledge of education.

Physical Chemistry

Online physical chemistry courses

Physical chemistry is the one branch of chemical science where we study the physical properties of substances. It includes the theoretical discussion of the laws and properties of substances or matter. But the physical chemistry studies incomplete if we study only laws and theory thus must acquire the practical importance of these basic theories.

Thus study courses designed to cover basic major physical chemistry topics with thair practical importance. The major topics covered in the different page included

  1. The gaseous state of matter
  2. Physical properties of liquid
  3. Amorphous and crystalline solid
  4. Equilibrium of chemical reaction
  5. Chemical kinetics
  6. Specific heat

A textbook contains specific topics for his/her reader. But it is a website, thus it updated day to day coming with new topics. Get on touch for free high-quality chemistry study courses.

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