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Calculate oxidation number or state of periodic table chemical elements

Oxidation Number

Oxidation Number of Periodic Table Elements Oxidation number or state of periodic table elements in a chemical compound or molecule is the formal charge (positive...
Liquefaction of Gases at critical temperature, pressure and volume formula

Critical Constants

Critical constants of real gas Critical constants like critical temperature, critical pressure, and critical volume of gas determine the condition and formula of liquefaction of...
f block elements in periodic table, name, symbol, and atomic number of 4f and 5f block chemical elements

f block Elements

f Block Elements on Periodic Table f block elements appear in two chemical series like 4f block names as lanthanides or rare earth elements and...
Different types of bonding (ionic, covalent, metallic bonds) in the common chemical compound

Chemical Bonding

What is Chemical Bonding? Chemical bonding or chemical bond is the different types of force that bind together two common atoms or groups of atoms...
Van't Hoff equation temperature effect on chemical equilibrium formula and graph for endothermic and exothermic reactions

Van’t Hoff Equation

Van't Hoff Equation-Temperature Effect on Equilibrium Van't Hoff equation connecting chemical equilibrium constant and temperature by thermodynamics relation of Gibbs-Helmholtz free energy equation. The standard...

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Definitions, Examples and Chemical Properties of Hard, Soft and Borderline Acids

Hard Soft Acid Base

Hard Soft Acid Base Theory Hard soft acid base theory or HSAB principle was proposed by Ralph Pearson in 1963. It is very helpful for predicting...
Atomic absorption spectroscopy instrumentation, flame and principle in AAS instrument

Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy

Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy Principle Atomic absorption spectroscopy (AAS) and atomic emission spectroscopy (AES) principle are based on the absorption and emission of light by atoms...
Chromatography techniques, principle, stationary and mobile phase definition and types of chromatographic technique


Chromatography techniques Chromatography techniques in analytical chemistry were applied to coloured components at the initial development of the chromatography principle. The name chromatography originated from...
Atomic emission spectrum of hydrogen

Hydrogen Spectrum

Hydrogen Spectrum in Chemistry Hydrogen spectrum (absorption or emission) is an important type of tool for the determination of the atomic structure of chemical elements...
Electron or electronic configuration of elements in periodic table, group wise general formula for s, p-block and 3d series

Electron Configuration

Electronic Configuration of Elements in Periodic Table Electronic configuration or general electron configuration or electronic structure of atoms or ions is the arrangement of orbital...

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Chemistry, the study of inorganic, organic, physical and analytical chemistry in science


What is Chemistry? Chemistry is the study of pure science that deals with the physical or chemical properties, reactions, composition, and structure of matter formed...
Periodic table chemical elements names, symbol, atomic numbers, and properties

Periodic Table

Periodic Table Elements Periodic table elements in chemistry are organized in order of increasing atomic number or the full number of protons in the atomic...
Atomic number of all periodic table elements

Atomic Number

Atomic Number of Elements Atomic number of chemical elements in chemistry is the number of protons of an atom by which the elements are arranged...
Dalton atomic theory to modern structure model of atom in matter

Dalton’s Atomic Theory

What is Dalton's Atomic Theory? Dalton's atomic theory proposed that an atom was the smallest indivisible and indestructible building block of matter. Dalton's atomic theory was...
Learning chemistry best free online learning platforms of physical, organic, inorganic and environmental science education

Chemistry Test

Chemistry Test Online Answers for Questions Chemistry test or online practice questions answers for high school or college grade chemistry students to help in medical...


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Nuclear reactions like fission or fusion reaction involve splitting of particles from atomic nucleus in energy radiation

Nuclear Reaction

What is Nuclear Reaction? Nuclear reaction in physics and nuclear chemistry is the type of natural splitting of heavy nuclei accompanied by the emission or...
Atomic structure, theory and model of atom in chemistry

Atomic Structure

Atomic structure and theory Atomic structure and atomic theory describe the smallest unit of matter or element which contains subatomic particles such as electron, proton,...
Definition and examples of polar and nonpolar molecules


What is Molecule? A molecule in chemistry or biology is the smallest identifiable unit formed by two or more atoms and it retains the chemical...
Organic compounds definition, types, history, classification and example of a compound like acetylene in chemistry

Organic Compound

What is Organic Compound? Organic compound in chemistry is the class of chemical compounds that contain carbon-hydrogen chemical bonding. Carbon has the property to combine...
States of matter like solid, liquid, gaseous and plasma state of substances in physics or chemistry

States of Matter

Four States of Matter States of matter or all four states of matter in science define one of the distant forms in which the aggregation...
Energy like kinetic, potential forms in physics, is the ability to transformed produced heat or doing thermal, mechanical types of work in science


What is Energy? Energy in physics or chemistry is defined as a property that can be transformed into or produced from work. Kinetic and potential...

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Conductance or electrical conductance, the property of electrolyte solution helps to conduct electricity in electrochemistry


In the electrochemistry online course, we study conductance, electrodes, electrolysis, electrochemical cells and their reactions, electrochemical instruments, electrolyte solutions, metallic conductors and semiconductors, etc.

Chemical Reaction

Chemical reaction articles in chemistry for various types of scientific tests and experiments that are studied online at your home.


Online learning redox or redox reaction in chemistry to learn oxidation-reduction reactions, oxidation number, balancing chemical equations, redox indicators, etc.

Graham's Law of Effusion and Diffusion of gas molecules

Gas Laws

Gas laws in online learning chemistry or physics to identify the behavior of different gases by the general facts and common relation between pressure, volume, and temperature.

Heat Energy

Online learning or study of heat energy related articles and information about energy conservation, formulas, and sources for engineering students.


Online learning of physical and chemical properties of matter or substances and periodic properties of elements in chemistry or chemical science.

Cubic crystal system lattice points and Planes


Solid states of matter are characterized by their high density and low compressibility compared with liquid, gas, and plasma phase of matter or substances…


The environment is the place of our universe that presents different physical, chemical, living (biotic), and non-living (abiotic) factors or ecological communities…


Hydrocarbon is an organic chemical compound formed by bonding hydrogen and carbon atoms in chemistry found in natural gas, coal, petroleum…

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Acids and bases definition and examples in chemistry with uses, properties, and difference between an acid and a base

Acids and Bases

Acids and Bases in Chemistry Acids and bases in chemistry can be defined by five different theories or concepts. Most commonly we can define, acids...
Environmental pollution caused by pollutants are types of substances or forms of energy which harmful effects on air, water, land, or soil in our earth


What is Environmental Pollution? Pollution or environmental pollution is the contamination of air, water, soil, or land by solid, liquid, or gaseous substances or any...
Quizzes online on chemistry and biology


Online Quizzes on Chemistry and Biology Quizzes or online chemistry quiz and biology quiz for 9, 10, 11, and 12 grade or high school science...

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Position of noble gas helium in periodic table


Chemical element in the periodic table, a pure substance that cannot be decomposed into smaller substances or materials by normal chemical processes…

Organic Chemistry in learning science

Organic Chemistry

Organic chemistry is the study of properties, composition and structure, preparation, and reactions of organic compounds or molecules.

what is science like physical, chemical, medical, and environmental science?


Online learning science articles, facts, and works related to physics and chemistry topics for general, medical, environmental science, and chemical engineering beginners courses.