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Priyam Study Centre provides free online science learning material of inorganic, organic, and physical chemistry courses for school college basic education classes and chemical properties of molecules and compounds. It also shares the topics of environmental and analytical science, chemical reactions, laws, and quiz question with answer for the students who study different schools, colleges, and universities.

Like other branches of science education, chemistry also has many classes. Organic, inorganic, physical are the main disciplines of chemical science. Other forms of chemical science include analytical, electrochemistry, acid, organometallic, quantum, nuclear, thermodynamics, solid-state, advanced inorganic, physical, and organic chemistry.

Online chemistry study courses for Learning Science in School college education classes

What is Chemistry in Education?

Chemistry education is the study of properties, composition, structure, and chemical reactions of substances or matter which we used in our everyday life.

Thus chemical science is the key to our everyday life because our present life depends on these compounds. Therefore the author of Priyam Study Centre tying to online share some topics which broadly uses in chemistry classes in the world.

Learning Basic Chemistry Online Free

During the last few years school college chemistry classes trying to modernize. Thus the authors of this page trying to fulfill the gap of old and modern studies. Attempt to published some topics for online school college courses.

  1. It prepared for the systematic online study of school college students and concern with the major topics for chemistry classes.
  2. For online learning basic concepts and fundamentals for classes.
  3. Provides the best free online courses for school college students.
  4. It engages the students with the quiz question and trying to share the classroom videos.

Therefore our courses help the students. But there cannot be any short cut to achieve the goal because success comes through endless practice. An intelligent approach demands a better understanding of the basic concepts, principles, and laws of education.

Online Physical Science School College Courses

The branch of chemical science where we study the physical properties of substances is called physical chemistry. Thus it includes the theoretical discussion of the laws and properties of substances or matter in our universe.

This studies incomplete if we study only laws and theory.  Therefore we need to acquire the practical importance of these basic theories.

This online study courses designed to cover basic major physical science topics with thair practical importance and question answer. The main topics which included

  1. Properties of gases
  2. Properties of liquid
  3. Amorphous and crystalline solid
  4. Equilibrium of chemical reaction
  5. Chemical kinetics
  6. Specific heat

A textbook contains fixed topics for school college students. But here we updated regularly with coming new topics. Thus get on touch for free high-quality online college chemistry courses.

Inorganic Chemistry Study Courses

Science is rapidly progressing day by day. Inorganic chemistry one such discipline which huge changes in the past few decades.

Now methods or novel techniques are given which in turn to rapid changes in chemical sciences.

The primary objective of this study courses to provides basic laws and principles of the inorganic reaction. Thus the main topics which published in this website included

What are Molecules in Chemistry

Dalton’s theory should as the primary basis of learning chemistry which grow up in the last century. Thus the chemical reaction is clearly explained by this model.

  • All the matter or molecules made of atoms is indivisible and indestructible.
  • All the atoms of a given element are identical mass and properties.
  • Compounds are formed by the combination of two or more same or different kinds of atoms.
  • A chemical reaction is a rearrangement of atoms.

When we turn this century, Dalton’s model no longer enjoyed the position granted to it. Because this century atom is divided into proton, neutron, and electron.

Thus today an atom in the molecules contains a tiny nucleus around itself certain number of electrons arranged in a definite order.

Physical and Chemical Properties of Molecules

To determine the properties of substances, we deal with the aggregates of molecules as they occur in nature. Thus the aggregation of various kinds of substances that make up by matter.

Hence the chemical substances divided mainly into three categories, like gases, solids, and liquids.

Organic Chemistry Online Courses

Organic chemistry learning deals with the study of properties, composition, structure, and preparation of carbon compounds like a hydrocarbon. Since hydrocarbon is not only the organic substances in our universes. Thus the study of natural product in our environment are main topics for organic chemistry courses.

Thus the author of this website trying to publishes a general description of organic reactions followed by the discussion of their mechanisms.

Physical Chemistry

Inorganic Chemistry Courses

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