Online college chemistry courses

Online School College Chemistry Courses

The primary objective of the online study school college chemistry courses to provide fundamental knowledge of laws and principles, so as to install grater confidence in the mind overcome any barrier and achieved the goal.

Fundamental science is rapidly progressing and different new research and journal published day by day to study its changes.

Naturally, the students find themselves unduly constrained when they are forced to refer to various books or online study materials to collect the necessary reading materials of chemistry.

What is chemistry in science?

Chemistry is the study of properties, composition, structure, physical, chemical properties of substances.

Now methods or novel analytical techniques are emerging for rapid and reliable measurements of these physical and chemical properties.

As a matter of fact, the progress made is so spectacular, that by the time anything true of the sophisticated data is used, which are ever-changing.

There cannot be any short cut to achieve the goal it comes by endless practice.

An intelligent approach demands a better understanding of the basic concepts and a thorough knowledge of chemistry.

Crystalline solid

Crystalline solids

Crystalline and amorphous solids

Crystalline and amorphous solid chemistry All the branches of chemistry and science, technology depend on the mechanical strength and structure of solids. Thus study crystalline...

Chemistry Courses 1

Chemistry Courses 2

Global environment

Properties of bases

Hard soft acid base list

Hard soft acid base list

Hard soft acids-bases HSAB principle Hard soft acid-base (HSAB) principles provide the stability of the complex between lewis acid and bases. This principle was proposed...
Define pH and pOH scale

Define pH and pOH scale

Definition of pH and pOH in chemistry From the definition of pH and pOH, we were given a very good idea about acid-base properties and...
Acids and bases properties

Acids and bases properties

Definition and properties of acids and bases Acids and bases posses in a sense some opposite properties.Any of the classes of substances whose aqueous...
Lewis concept of acids and bases

Lewis concept of acids and bases

Definition of lewis acid and lewis base In 1923, the American chemist Gilbert Newton Lewis proposed generalized definitions for acids that do not restrict them...
Conjugate acid base pair

Conjugate acid base pair

Define conjugate acid-base pair A great advancement was made in the area of the conjugate acid-base pair when Bronsted and Lowry proposed in 1923 a...

Aliphatic hydrocarbons

Redox reaction

Electron cloud model

Application of dipole moment

Application of dipole moment

Application of dipole moment in chemistry A different application of dipole moment describes the structure of organic and inorganic molecules. When a covalent bond is formed...