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Chemistry Quiz 3

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Redox reactions practice test

Chemistry Quiz 3 contains 10 multiple choice questions (MCQ) and answers for high school or college students in redox reactions and oxidation number of periodic table elements for general chemistry online practice tests. This quiz set used to improve the basic knowledge of oxidation reduction reaction for all competitive examinations. Therefore, start the quiz to evaluate yourself.


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The +3 oxidation state of sulfur is present in

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In SO2 +2H2S → 3S +2H2O, the substance that is oxidized

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The oxidation state of cobalt in [Co(NH3)]Cl3 is

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The value of x in KAl(SO4)x, 12H2O is

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The number of electrons required to reduce chromium completely in Cr2O7-2 to Cr+3 in an acidic medium is

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The oxidation numbers of nitrogen in NH4NO3

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The oxidation number of oxygen in the OF2 compound is

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What is the oxidation state of hydrogen in calcium hydride

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The oxidation number of sulfur is -2 in

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The oxidation state of the P atom in POCl3 is

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