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Biology Quiz 5

Biology Quiz 5 on Biotechnology

Biology quiz 5, online practice test on biotechnology contain ten multiple-choice questions or MCQ’s for different types of school college competitive examination. Therefore, start this online quiz with correct answers to growing your knowledge of biotechnology.

Biology quiz 5 for school college competitive exams

Biology Quiz 5

Which one of the following is the smallest size?

In evolutionary terms, an Indian schoolboy is more closely to

Which of the following is a water borne disease?

In his seminal work, Gregor Mendel described the physical traits in the pea plant as being controlled by two factors. What term is used to define the factors today?

A majority of the tree species of peninsular Indian origin fruit in the months of

Ascorbic acid is

Dietary fibers are composed of

On the origins of species by means of natural selection was written by

Unlike humans, dogs cannot perspire to get rid of excess metabolic heat. They lose metabolic heat by

Haemodialysis is a treatment option for patients with malfunctions of