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Online chemistry test 1

Chemistry Quiz 1 contains 10 multiple choice questions (MCQ) and answers for high school or college students for general chemistry online practice tests. This quiz set used to improve the basic knowledge of chemistry for all competitive examinations. Therefore, start the quiz to evaluate yourself.


Among the following, the species with identical chemical bond order

The role of hemoglobin is to

The paper soaked in salt X turns brown when exposed to HNO3 vapor, the salt X is

The formal oxidation number of Cr and Cl in the ions Cr2O7-2 and ClO3- are

The hybridization of xenon atom in XeF4

The correct order of energy of 2S orbitals in H, Li, Na and K

A container of volume 2.24 lit can stand with a maximum pressure of 2 atm at 298K before exploding. The maximum amount of nitrogen that can be safely put to the container at this temperature closet to

Among the following, the correct statement

The solubility of BasO4 in pure water is closest to
[Given KSP = 1.0 × 10-10 at 250C and molecular weight = 233 gm mol-1]

Among the following, the correct statement is

The number of water molecules in 250 ml of water solution closest to
[Given the density of water 1.0 gm ml-1; Avogadro number = 6.023 × 1023]

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