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Chemistry Quiz 5

Chemical Bonding and Properties


Chemistry quiz 5 contains 10 multiple choice questions or MCQ's related to the properties and bonding of chemical compounds with correct answers for school college-level education

The numbers of lone pairs and bond pairs in hydrazine are

The isoelectronic pair is

Which one of the electronic configuration readily formed an ionic chemical bond?

The first ionization energy of sodium, boron, nitrogen, and oxygen atoms follows the order

Which of the following molecule of xenon has pyramidal geometry?

Which one of the following has the maximum dipole moment?

The correct number of lone pair on the central metal atom of xenon in XeF4 is

The correct number of lone pairs on the central metal atom of xenon in XeF2and XeF4 is

The correct order of increasing ionic character is

Which pair of the following is the first compound is ionic and the second compound is covalent

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