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Biology Quiz 3

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Biology Quiz 3 on Biochemistry

Biology Quiz 3 online practice test on biochemistry contains 10 multiple choice questions answers or MCQ related to different topics of biological chemistry for high school or college level competitive examination. Therefore, start this online quiz to evaluate yourself.

Biology quiz 3 for school college competitive exams

Biology Quiz 3

An important characteristic of hemichordates that share with chordates is

The lungs are made up of air-filled sacs that do not collapse even after forceful expiration, because of

Viroids differ from viruses in having

Plants, which produces characteristic pneumatophores and show vivipary belong to

Spliceosomes are not found in cells of

Fruit and leaf drop at early stages can be prevented by the application of

What is the length of human DNA containing 6.6 × 109 bp?

Which of the following is not an enzyme?

The pH of the avian blood maintained by

Podocyte layer that provides outer lining to the surface of glomerular capillaries are found in