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Organic Chemistry Quiz

Organic chemistry practice test with answers

Organic chemistry quiz or practice test contains 10 questions with answers for the preparation of competitive exams like NEET, KVPY, etc. Therefore, start the below chemistry test to evaluate yourself.

Organic Chemistry Quiz

Organic chemistry is the chemistry of

Alkanes are also called

Alkenes are also called

Write down the common names of the following organic compound,

The common name of alkene, CH3 - CH = CH - CH3 is

Which of the following organic compound will not undergo Friedel-Crafts reaction easily?

In presence of air oxidation of benzene by V2O5 produced

The organic compound that reacts most readily with gaseous bromine has the formula

Which of the following halide is used in Friedel Crafts reaction

Monohydric alcohols are the compounds that contains