What is an element in chemistry?

An element or chemical element in the periodic table is a pure substance that cannot be decomposed into smaller substances or materials by any normal chemical process.

In this category, we discuss the fundamental properties, facts extraction, and uses of different chemical elements.

Oxygen element chemical symbol and the periodic table properties


What is oxygen? Oxygen, atomic number 8, symbol O, and molecular formula O2 is the most abundant chemical element of the Group-16 or chalcogen family...
Hydrogen element symbol, properties, and isotopes protium, deuterium, and tritium


Hydrogen element Hydrogen is the only chemical element in the periodic table in which the valence electron under the direct influence of the nucleus or there is...
f block elements in periodic table, name, symbol, and atomic number of 4f and 5f block chemical elements

f block Elements

f block elements on periodic table f block elements appear in two chemical series like 4f block names as lanthanides or rare earth elements and...