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What are Group 17 Elements Called?

Group 17 elements also called Halogens in the periodic table contain the chemical element fluorine (F), chlorine (Cl), bromine (Br), iodine (I), and astatine (At) with ns2 np5 valence shell electronic configuration.

Group 17 elements in the periodic table

The name halogens is obtained from the Greek word halo means salt and genes mean producing. Therefore, these seven highly reactive non-metals are called “halogens” because they give salts when they react with metals.

These chemical elements are one electron short of octet configuration or the nearest noble gas electronic configuration. Therefore, these elements share one electron to form a covalent bond or gain one electron and form an ionic bonding. The detailed properties, use, and compounds of Group-17 elements or halogens are given below the individual topics in learning chemistry.

Iodine (I), chemical element, Group 17 (Group VIIA) of periodic table or a member of the halogen family has used in the manufacturing of various compounds


Iodine element Iodine is a chemical element of Group 17 (VIIA) of the periodic table. It is a member of the halogen family with atomic...
Bromine (Br), red-brown fuming liquid and chemical element of Group 17 ( VIIA) or halogen family of periodic table used to prepare many industrial compounds


What is Bromine? Bromine is a chemical element of Group 17 (Group VIIA) or halogen family of the periodic table with atomic number 35 and symbol...
Chlorine element symbol, facts, uses and periodic table properties of greenish-yellow gas molecule


What is chlorine? Chlorine is a nonmetal or chemical element of group-17 or halogen family of the periodic table with the symbol Cl and atomic...
Fluorine element chemical symbol and the periodic table properties


Fluorine element Fluorine (chemical symbol F), chemical formula F2, atomic number 9 is the most electronegative and most chemically reactive member of the halogen family...