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What is chemistry in science education?

What is chemistry?

Chemistry, the part of science deals with the physical and chemical properties, composition, and structure of matter (substance, element, or atom) and interacts with energy. In this category of studies chemistry, we discuss different types of basic topics related to physical or chemical properties, facts, laws, and structures of atoms made by naturally or artificially occurring matter.

Facts and properties about mercury metal or element


Facts about mercury Mercury is a d-block chemical element of the periodic table with the symbol Hg and atomic number 80. It is a shinning...
Semiconductor definition, types and examples such as n type and p type semiconductors material


What is semiconductor? Semiconductor material is a substance which has electrical conductivity between conductors and a non-conductor or insulator. It is pure elements such as...
Ion exchange resin types or examples of cation and anion exchange resins

Ion Exchange Resin

What is ion exchange resin? Ion exchange resin or ion exchange polymer is the types of resins molecules or polymers which are capable of exchanging...
Capillary zone electrophoresis instrument and principle for analysis DNA, mRNA and proteins

Capillary Electrophoresis

What is capillary electrophoresis? Capillary electrophoresis (CE) or capillary zone electrophoresis (CZE) is a technique that separating small quantities of substances in a short time...
Arsenic element physical and chemical properties like symbol, atomic number, melting and boiling point, etc


What is arsenic? Arsenic is the chemical element of group-15 or nitrogen group of the periodic table with symbol As and atomic number 33. Among...
Electrochemical Cell

Electrochemical Cell

What is electrochemical cell? An electrochemical cell or simply a chemical cell is a device that produced electrical energy due to oxidation reduction or redox...
Organic chemistry quiz or test questions with answers

Organic Chemistry Quiz

Organic chemistry practice test with answers Organic chemistry quiz or practice test contains 10 questions with answers for the preparation of competitive exams like NEET,...
Quiz on periodic table elements

Quiz on Periodic Table Elements

Periodic table memorization quiz Quiz on periodic table elements contains 10 questions with answers for test or memorization of name, symbols, atomic number, electronic configuration,...
Enzymes function on substrate and examples of catalysis reaction


What are enzymes? Enzymes are the biological catalyst or proteins which are produced in living organisms and speed up the chemical reactions in living cells....
Structure and examples of amino acids that contain amino and carboxyl groups in their side chain

Amino Acids

What are amino acids? Amino acids are types of organic compounds that contain amino and carboxyl groups in their side chain are essential for the...