Acids and Bases in Chemistry

Acids and bases in chemistry can be defined by five different theories or concepts like the Arrhenius theory, the solvent system concept, the protonic concept, the Lewis acid base theory, and the hard soft acid base principle.

Conjugate acid base pair chart in order of decreasing strength of an acid or increasing strength of base

According to the Arrhenius theory, an acid is any hydrogen-containing substance that gives an H+ ion in the aqueous solution whereas a base gives an OH ion in solution.

The protonic concept or Bronsted-Lowry theory defines an acid as a proton donor and a base as a proton acceptor. In learning chemistry, we discuss the different theories or concepts of acid and base in different topics given below.

Acid Base Theories

Acids and bases properties and definition in chemistry

Acids Bases

Acids and bases properties Acids and bases in chemistry commonly possess some opposite properties. For example, acids are chemical substances whose aqueous or water solution...
Protonic definition or Bronsted Lowry Conjugate acid base pair in Chemistry

Conjugate Acid Base pair

Conjugate acid base pair definition Conjugate acid base pair or protonic definition of acids and bases independently proposed by Bronsted and Lowery in 1923. According...
Definition and Chemical Properties of Lewis Acids Base Reaction

Lewis Acids Bases

Lewis acid and base definition Lewis acid base concept or theory explains the acids and bases properties in terms of electronic structure with the formation of...
Definitions, Examples and Chemical Properties of Hard, Soft and Borderline Acids

Hard Soft Acid Base

Hard soft acid base theory Hard soft acid base theory or HSAB-principle proposed by Ralph Pearson in1963. It is very helpful for predicting the stability...
pH and pOH Scale chart and definition for acidic, neutral and basic solution in chemistry

pH Scale

What is pH and pOH? pH and pOH scale define and measure the acidity and basicity of neutral, acidic, and basic solutions in water based...

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Acid Base Examples