What are drugs?

Drugs or pharmaceutical drugs are the types of substances which uses for the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of diseases or abnormal conditions. Major classes of medicinal drugs used to treat different types of health diseases are biological products and synthetic organic compounds. However, many metal-based drugs are used in cancer therapy or many other medication systems.

In this part, we study various types of valuable information about drugs or medicines and their uses, synthesis, dosage, and side effects on the human body.

Valsartan (brand name diovan) medication, uses, dosage, side effects, alternative and price of generic medicine valsartan


 What is valsartan? Valsartan (brand name Diovan and others) is a class of medication used for the treatment of high blood pressure, heart failure, and...
Irbesartan brand name Avapro medication uses in blood pressure, side effects and prescribed doses of irbesartan tablets


Irbesartan medication Irbesartan (brand name Avapro and others) is a medication used for the treatment of high blood pressure or hypertension, heart failure, and kidney...
Losartan medication uses to help in high blood pressure and heart failure, brand name, dosage and class of side effects


What is losartan? Losartan (sold under the brand name Cozaar) is a medication used for the treatment of high blood pressure or hypertension, heart failure,...
Ramipril class of ACE inhibitor or medication uses brand name dose and side effects of ramipril capsule or tablet


What is ramipril? Ramipril is a class of ACE inhibitors used for the treatment of high blood pressure (hypertension), heart failure, and diabetic kidney disease....
Lisinopril, a class of medicine uses in high blood pressure, heart, failure with structure, dosage and side effects


What is lisinopril? Lisinopril is a class of angiotensin-converting enzyme (ACE) medicine which uses mainly for the treatment or prevention of high blood pressure and heart...
Enalapril medication uses in blood pressure, brand names, dosage, side effects of enalapril tablets


What is enalapril? Enalapril is a class of medication (sold under various brand names) and uses for the treatment of high blood pressure, asymptomatic left...
Propranolol uses, side effects, brand names and dosage used medication


What is propranolol? Propranolol (sold under different brand names) is the most used medication for the prevention or treatment of high blood pressure, irregular heart...
Verapamil medicine structure, dosage, side effects and uses to treat high blood pressure, migraine and cluster headache


What is verapamil? Verapamil is a class of calcium channel blocker or medicine that uses widely to treat high blood pressure (hypertension), angina, supraventricular tachycardia,...
List of penicillin types drugs or antibiotics in medicine


What is penicillin? Penicillin is a generic term that refers to an antibiotic or group of antibiotics produced from various types of muds such as...
Cyclophosphamide structural formula, dose, and Side effects


What is cyclophosphamide? Cyclophosphamide (CP) or cytophosphane is one of the most useful antineoplastic agents used in medicinal chemistry for the treatment of cancer and...