Medicinal Chemistry

What is medicinal chemistry?

Medicinal chemistry or pharmaceutical chemistry is the part of medical science that interact with chemistry. It is used for the synthesis of different types of drugs by organic and biochemical reactions.

In this part of learning chemistry, we discuss the uses, synthesis, effects, and doses of drugs or medicines on different topics given below,

Folic acid structure and uses of folate or vitamin B9 in anemia or benefit of folic acid in pregnancy

Folic acid (Folate)

What is folic acid? Folic acid and folate are the forms of vitamin B9 that we used for the treatment of certain types of iron...
List of penicillin types drugs or antibiotics in medicine


What is penicillin? Penicillin is a generic term that refers to an antibiotic or group of antibiotics produced from various types of muds such as...
Cyclophosphamide structural formula, dose, and Side effects


What is cyclophosphamide? Cyclophosphamide (CP) or cytophosphane is one of the most useful antineoplastic agents used in medicinal chemistry for the treatment of cancer and...