Atomic Theory Test Questions

According to Rutherford, the entire mass of an atom was concentrated in a tiny positively charged nucleus and around which the extranuclear electrons moving in constant motion.

But a moving charged particle emits radiation with the loss of kinetic energy and eventually hit the nucleus.

Thus to resolve the anomalous position Bohrs model was proposed which based on several novel postulates.

Quantum Numbers

To study the size shape and orientation of an orbital, we need to know about the four quantum numbers.

  1. Principal quantum number
  2. Azimuthal quantum number
  3. Magnetic quantum number
  4. Spin quantum number

The principal quantum number coming from Bohr’s model of an atom and it has integral values from 1 to ∞

But the azimuthal quantum number denoted by l.

l = 0, 1, 2, 3, …….. (n -1)

And the magnetic quantum number denoted by ml and ml has values from +l to -l.

Atomic theory questions and answers

MCQ Questions on Atomic Structure

So to get the best knowledge on Bohr’s atomic theory to modern the structure of an atom, answer these simple questions.


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What is the radius of the second orbit hydrogen atom if the radius of the first orbit of hydrogen atom 0.529 Å

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The lowest wavelength of the Lyman series of the hydrogen atom is x. What is the highest wavelength of the Paschen series of the helium ion?

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What is the wavelength of the Hɑ line of the Balmer series of the hydrogen atom?

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The energy of an electron in the first energy level of the hydrogen atom = -13.6 eV. Calculate the energy of an electron in the excited level of helium ion

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Find out the number of unpaired electrons of an ion M+x(Z of M = 25) with the magnetic moment √15 B

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How many possible orbitals are there when principal quantum number = 4?

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What are the four quantum numbers of the 19th electron of chromium?

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How many electrons in an atom can have principal quantum number four and azimuthal quantum number one?

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What are the four quantum numbers for the valence shell electron of rubidium atom

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