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what is science like physical, chemical, medical, and environmental science?

What is science?

Science, any systemic learning from testable experiments to getting the knowledge of physical or chemical phenomena occurring in our universe or environment. Modern science divided into many subdomains. Hence physics, chemistry, biology, natural, medicinal, environmental science, etc are the main subdomain of science.

Rare earth element or metals name, symbol, atomic number and electronic structure

Rare earth element

What is meant by rare earth elements? Rare-earth elementĀ or lanthanides or inner transition elements are the chemical elements from cerium (Ce) to lutetium (Lu) or...
Lanthanum element chemical symbol and periodic table properties


Lanthanum Element in Periodic Table Lanthanum (La) is the chemical element or rare-earth metal of Group 3 of the periodic table with atomic number 57...
Types of emulsion in chemistry like oil in water and water in oil


What is emulsion in chemistry? Emulsion in chemistry is formed when a liquid is dispersed in another liquid that is not miscible to each other....
Colloid system and solution in chemistry with properties and preparation


Definition of Colloid A colloid is a two-phase heterogeneous system in which one phase is dispersed in a fine state ranging from 1 nanometer (nm)...
Conductance or electrical conductance, the property of electrolyte solution helps to conduct electricity in electrochemistry


Conductance in Electrochemistry Conductance or electrical conductance is the reciprocal of resistance (G = 1/R) describes the property of an electrolyte solution that helps to...
Ozone layer, ozonosphere is a region of the upper atmosphere to protect the earth from harmful ultraviolet radiation

Ozone Layer

Ozone Layer in Atmosphere Ozone layer or ozonosphere is a region of the upper atmosphere that contains relatively high concentrations of ozone gas molecules (O3)...
Ozone gas structure molecular properties preparation

Ozone Gas

What is ozone gas? Ozone (O3) gas is a triatomic allotrope of oxygen and an important constituent of the upper atmosphere where ozone layer is...
Calcium element chemical symbol and periodic table properties


Calcium Element Information Calcium (Ca) is theĀ chemical element or alkaline-earth metal of Group-2 (IIA) of the periodic table. It is the essential element in the...
Potassium element chemical symbol and periodic table properties


Potassium Element Information Potassium (K), chemical element, or silvery-white alkali metal of Group-1 or IA of the periodic table. It was first isolated by Humphrey...
Silicon element chemical symbol and periodic table properties


Silicon Element Information Silicon (Si), an important nonmetallic chemical element in the carbon family or Group 14 (IVA) of the periodic table uses as principal...