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Boyle’s, Charles, and Avogadro’s law gives the birth of this law for gas molecules.

Ideal gas law for n moles ideal gas,


where R = universal constant

Therefore, this equation gives us a connection between the pressure, volume, and temperature of a gas. Thus this equation is the equation of state for a gas molecule.

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Conditions for liquefaction of gases

Why gas cannot be liquefied?

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E_{total}=\frac{3}{2}\times nRT

=\frac{3}{2}\times 0.05\times 8.314\times 273

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The total kinetic energy of 0.5 mol of an ideal gas at 273 K

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\therefore M=\frac{12.8\times 0.082\times 300}{10\times \frac{750}{760}}

=31.91 gm mol-1

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Molecular weight and density of ideal gases

The molecular weight of a gas, 12.8 gms of which occupy 10 liters at a pressure of 750 mm and at 27° C?

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or, d=\frac{P\times M}{R\times T}

\therefore d = \frac{17\times 1600}{760\times 82.1\times 373}

= 0.00117 gm/cc

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The density of ammonia gas at 100⁰ C, when confined by the pressure of 1600 mm Hg?

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PV = nRT

or, PV=\frac{g}{m}\times RT

\therefore P=\frac{7\times 0.082\times 300}{28\times 300}\, atm

= 2.05 atm

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Measure pressure exerts on the walls of a 3-liter container when 7 grams of nitrogen is introduced into the container at 27°C

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