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Ideal gas laws equation and formula

Gas laws in chemistry or physics identify the behavior of different gases by the general facts and common relation between pressure, volume, temperature of gases. In learning chemistry, we discuss different topics related to Boyle’s law (discovered by Robert Boyle), Charles’s law (discovered by Charles), Gay-Lussac Law (discovered by Gay-Lussac), Van der Waals law (discovered by Robert Boyle) to derive the different properties or laws of ideal and real gases.

Graham's Law of Effusion and Diffusion of gas molecules

Graham’s Law

Graham's Law of Diffusion and Effusion Graham's Law of diffusion or effusion defines by Scottish physical chemist Thomas Graham in 1948 studies the rate of...
Volume Correction factor for Van der Waals equation of state in real gases

Van der Waals Gases

Van der Waals Equation Derivation Van der Waals derivation in 1873 modified the ideal gas equation of state by incorporating the size correction of gas...
Ideal gas law formula or equation derivation in chemistry or physics

Ideal Gas Law

Ideal Gas Law Formula Ideal gas law or perfect gas law represents the mixed relationship between pressure, volume, the temperature of gases for learning the...
Derivation of kinetic molecular theory and equation formula for gas molecules from RMS velocity or motion

Kinetic Theory Gases

Kinetic Theory and Kinetic Energy Kinetic theory or kinetic molecular equation of gases first-time developed by Bernoulli in 1738 to calculate the molecular properties of...
Ideal gas law quiz problems solutions

Ideal Gas Law Problems Solutions

Ideal Gas Law Problems Solutions Ideal gas law problems solutions, study of gas laws are incomplete if school college chemistry student confines himself to solve...
Liquefaction of Gases at critical temperature, pressure and volume formula

Critical Constants

Critical Constants and Liquefaction of Gases Critical constants like critical temperature, pressure, and volume of gas determine the condition and formula of liquefaction of real...
Pressure volume graph for Boyle's law in physical properties of gases


Properties of Gases Molecule Physical properties of gases are characterized by a lack of definite volume and density and in the gaseous state, the matter...
Compare the property of ideal gases and real gas molecule

Compare Ideal Real Gases

Ideal and Real Gases Properties Compare ideal and real gases by one gas equation assumed that the gaseous molecule which obeys ideal gas law under...
Specific and molar Heat capacity of gas or gases from energy equation

Heat Capacity of Gases

Definition of Specific and Molar Heat Capacity Heat capacity (Specific) of gases is defined as the amount of heat required to raise the temperature of one...