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what is science like physical, chemical, medical, and environmental science?

What is science?

Science, any systemic learning from testable experiments to getting the knowledge of physical or chemical phenomena occurring in our universe or environment. Modern science divided into many subdomains. Hence physics, chemistry, biology, natural, medicinal, environmental science, etc are the main subdomain of science.

The polarity of bonds in polar and nonpolar molecules like water and carbon dioxide in chemistry

Polarity of bonds

Polarity of bonds and polar molecules Polarity of bonds and polar molecules are formed by the asymmetric charge distribution on chemical bonds like water, hydrogen...
Specific and molar Heat capacity of gas or gases from energy equation

Heat Capacity Gases

Heat capacity definition Heat capacity (Specific) of gases is defined as the amount of heat required to raise the temperature of one gram of gases...
Alkenes physical and chemical properties, stability and reactions like hydrogenation, combustion, addition, hydration

Alkenes Properties

Physical properties of alkanes Physical properties of alkenesĀ and alkanesĀ in organic chemistry are very similar. Since alkenes are unsaturated hydrocarbon but alkanes are saturated hydrocarbon. Due...
Alkanes or Paraffin preparation methods and general molecular formula


Alkanes or Paraffin Alkanes or Paraffin are saturated hydrocarbon or organic compounds having the general molecular formula CnH2n+2. The entire molecule of alkanes consists of...