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Redox, a part of chemistry where we learning different types of oxidation-reduction reactions by transfer electrons between the two chemical species. In the redox process, the oxidation number of the chemical species (atom, ion, or ion) changes by losing or gaining an electron.
Calculate oxidation number or state of periodic table chemical elements

Oxidation Number

Oxidation Number of Periodic Table Elements Oxidation number or state of periodic table elements in a chemical compound or molecule is the formal charges (positive...
Balancing chemical equations by ion-electron formula and oxidation number balance method in chemistry

Balancing Chemical Equations

Balancing Chemical Equations in Chemistry Balancing chemical equations by ion-electron formula and change of oxidation number are uses to balance the oxidation-reduction process or redox...
Oxidation reduction reaction process and oxidizing reducing agent

Oxidation Reduction

Oxidizing and Reducing Agent Oxidation reduction reaction or Oxidizing and reducing agents are always going hand to hand in the chemical process or redox reactions....
Redox reactions and electrode potential in electrochemical cells or fuel cell reaction

Redox Reactions

Redox Reactions in Electrochemical Cell Redox reactions take place in the electrochemical cell converted chemical energy into electrical energy by electron transfer electrolysis reaction. Therefore,...