Acids are the hydrogen-containing substances that give H+ ion in aqueous solution. But modern concepts of acid and bases not limited to the aqueous solutions. Therefore, the electronic structure provides a more general definition of acids and bases.

pH scale and pOH level chart range Measuring for acidic, alkaline or basic solution in pure water

Define pH

pH Scale Definition in Science pH scale define and measure the acidity and basicity of neutral, acidic, and basic pure water solutions based on the...
Acidic and Basic Properties and Acid Base neutralization reaction in water solution

Acids Bases Properties

Properties of Acids and Bases in Chemistry Acids bases properties and definition based on Arrhenius theory for learning chemistry suggested that acid dissociate hydrogen ion...
Definition and Chemical Properties of Lewis Acids Base Reaction

Lewis Concept

Definition of Lewis Acid and Base Lewis acid base concept or theory of acid and base in 1923 explains the acids bases properties in terms...
Protonic definition or Bronsted Lewary Conjugate acid base pair in Chemistry

Conjugate Acid Base Pair

Definition of Conjugate Acid Base Pair Conjugate acid base pair or protonic definition of acids and bases independently proposed by Bronsted and Lowery in 1923...
acids bases questions answers

Acids and Bases Questions

Acids Bases MCQ-Questions Answers Acids Bases questions answers in online learning chemistry contain 10 MCQ-questions for school college classes. Before participating in this quiz chemistry...