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Hydrocarbon, the organic chemical compound form by bonding hydrogen and carbon atoms in chemistry found in natural gas, coal, petroleum oil uses as the source of natural energy. In this part of learning science, we discuss different topics related to properties, structure, chemical composition, and uses of different hydrocarbon in daily life.

Preparation of Alkenes or olefins in Organic Chemistry Laboratory synthesis


Alkenes Preparation in Organic Chemistry Preparation of alkenes in the laboratory done by different synthesis mechanism in organic chemistry, alkene from the dehydration of alcohol...
Acetylene gas preparation, properties and uses in oxy-acetylene cylinder torch or welding setup


Acetylene Chemical Formula and Uses Acetylene or ethyne is a colorless gas with the general molecular formula C2H2 combustion with oxygen to form a luminous...
Natural Source of Methane Gas

Methane Gas

Natural Sources of Methane Emission Methane also called marsh gas is the simplest hydrocarbon compound of the paraffin group that occurs in natural gas sources...
Hydrocarbons like arometic, aliphatic or polynuclear hydrocarbon sources, definition, and examples


Hydrocarbon Sources and Properties Hydrocarbon like aliphatic, aromatic, or polynuclear aromatic hydrocarbons are types of organic compounds processing hydrogen and carbon in the entire molecular...
Alkene olefin material structure and IUPAC nomenclature or naming of common alkenes olefins like ethylene, propylene, butylene

Alkenes Olefins

Alkene or Olefin in Organic Chemistry Alkenes names as olefins like Ethylene, propylene, butylene, etc are the unsaturated hydrocarbon containing at least one double or...
Alkenes like ethylene propylene butylene chemical properties and reactions in organic chemistry

Properties Alkenes

Properties of Alkenes in Organic Reaction Properties of alkenes or olefin and alkanes or paraffin in organic chemistry are very similar since the hydrocarbon alkene...
Alkanes or Paraffin wax natural sources, molecular formula, preparation and chemically uses


Alkanes or Paraffin Wax Chemical Formula Alkanes or Paraffin are saturated hydrocarbons having the general molecular formula CnH2n+2 and occur in natural sources in natural...