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Hydrocarbon, the organic chemical compound form by bonding hydrogen and carbon atoms in chemistry found in natural gas, coal, petroleum oil uses as the source of natural energy. In this part of learning science, we discuss different topics related to properties, structure, chemical composition, and uses of different hydrocarbon in daily life.

Production or preparation of ethylene gas molecule


What is ethylene? Ethylene is a simple organic compound or unsaturated hydrocarbon that contains a double bond with the molecular formula C2H4 or CH2=CH2. It may...
Preparation of Alkenes or olefins in Organic Chemistry Laboratory synthesis


What are alkenes? Alkenes are unsaturated hydrocarbon or organic compounds that contain one double bond between two successive carbon atoms. They have the general molecular...
preparation of acetylene gas from calcium carbide, dicarboxylic acid, and ethylene dibromide in organic chemistry


Acetylene Gas Acetylene or ethyne is a colorless gas with the general molecular formula C2H2 when combustion with oxygen to form a luminous smoky flame due...
Natural Source of Methane Gas

Methane Gas

What is methane gas? Methane gas (CH4) also called marsh gas is the simplest hydrocarbon compound of the alkanes or paraffin group with a regular...
Alkene or Olefin like ethylene (C2H4) structure in Organic Chemistry

Alkenes Olefins

Alkene or Olefin in Organic Chemistry Alkenes names as olefins like ethylene, propylene, butylene, etc are unsaturated hydrocarbon containing at least one double or olefinic...
Alkenes physical and chemical properties, stability and reactions like hydrogenation, combustion, addition, hydration

Alkenes Properties

Physical properties of alkanes Physical properties of alkenes and alkanes in organic chemistry are very similar. Since alkenes are unsaturated hydrocarbon but alkanes are saturated hydrocarbon. Due...
Alkanes or Paraffin preparation methods and general molecular formula


Alkanes or Paraffin Alkanes or Paraffin are saturated hydrocarbon or organic compounds having the general molecular formula CnH2n+2. The entire molecule of alkanes consists of...