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Substance, the form of the solid, gaseous, liquid, or plasma form of matter having a definite chemical composition, properties three dimensional structure. The different forms of substances are interchangeable to different states (solid, liquid, gas, plasma). In this part of learning science, we can discuss different topics related to chemical substances and periodic table elements.

Ozone gas structure molecular properties preparation

Ozone Gas

Ozone Gas in Atmosphere Ozone (O3) gas is a triatomic allotrope of oxygen and an important constituent of the upper atmosphere where it is formed...
Acetic acid or ethanoic acid preparation formula and uses in food preservation and vinegar solution

Acetic Acid

Acetic Acid Properties and Formula Acetic acid also called ethanoic acid having the molecular formula CH3COOH prepared industrially by various methods and uses commonly as...
Shape of water molecule, chemical formula H2O, formed by oxygen and hydrogen existing in solid (ice), liquid, gas form

Water Molecule

Water Molecule Chemical Structure Water molecule, chemical formula H2O, formed by chemical elements oxygen and hydrogen, existing in our earth environment in crystalline solids, liquid solutions,...
Boric acid (H3BO3) Structure, Properties, Preparation, and Chemical uses

Boric Acid Powder

Properties of Boric Powder Boric acid or Boric Powder, also known as hydrogen borate or orthoboric acid, chemical formula of H3BO3 is oxygen-containing white crystals...
Sulfuric acid (H2SO4) and sulfate ion structure. production, properties and uses

Sulfuric Acid

Sulfuric Acid Chemical Formula Sulfuric acid or sulphuric acid, chemical formula H2SO4, also called oil of vitriol or hydrogen sulfate is a commercially important dense,...
Hydrogen peroxide structural formula uses chemical preparation process

Hydrogen Peroxide

Hydrogen Peroxide Chemical Formula Hydrogen peroxide molecule has molecular formula H2O2 having an interesting gouache structural unit uses widely in industrial solutions and antiseptic or...
Different types of alcohols like monohydric or polyhydric alcohol and uses alcoholic content


Different Types of Alcohol in Chemistry Types of alcohol uses for the manufacture of drinks or beer, vodka, brandy is ethyl alcohol or ethanol but...
Borax powder crystals or sodium tetra-borate decahydrate chemical formula and compound structure


Borax Powder Chemical Formula Borax powder, chemical name sodium tetraborate decahydrate having chemical formula Na2B4O7, 10H2O, or Na2, 8H2O widely uses in India, Egypt, Rome,...