What is chemistry in science education?

What is chemistry?

Chemistry, the part of science deals with the physical and chemical properties, composition, and structure of matter (substance, element, or atom) and interacts with energy. In this category of studies chemistry, we discuss different types of basic topics related to physical or chemical properties, facts, laws, and structures of atoms made by naturally or artificially occurring matter.

Oxalic acid formula, chemical structure and uses

Oxalic Acid

What is oxalic acid? Oxalic acid or ethanedioic acid (chemical formula C2H2O4) is a poisonous, crystalline, dicarboxylic acid that presents in rhubarb, sorrel, and other...
Formic acid formula and chemical structure

Formic acid

What is formic acid? Formic acid or methanoic acid is a colourless, pungent, corrosive liquid or simplest carboxylic acid with the chemical formula H2CO2. It...
radioactive waste and solutions to radioactive pollution

Radioactive Pollution

What is radioactive pollution? Radioactive pollution is the nuclear radiation of alpha beta gamma particles from radioactive substances during the nuclear reactions which affect our...
Structure and molecular formula of of methanol or methyl alcohol


What is methanol? Methanol or methyl alcohol also called carbinol is a colourless, inflammable, poisonous alcohol with the chemical formula CH3OH. It is missable with...
Ethanol or ethyl alcohol formula, structure and properties


What is ethanol? Ethanol or ethyl alcohol is a colorless, inflammable simple alcohol or organic compound used as a fuel and solvent in chemistry. It...
Manganese Dioxide (MnO2) structure

Manganese Dioxide

What is manganese dioxide? Manganese dioxide is a slightly brownish black solid with the chemical formula MnO2. It is the main source of manganese compounds...
Working components and principle of spectrophotometer in spectrophotometry


What is spectrophotometry? Spectrophotometry is a technique in the electromagnetic spectrum for the measurement of relative energy (emitted, transmitted, or reflected) as a function of...
Optical fiber cable properties, types of core, cladding and coating in communication technology

Optical Fiber

What is optical fiber cable? Optical fiber cable or optical fibre cable is a new development in the field of communication technology that can transmit...
Ultraviolet visible spectroscopy (uv vis) theory for electronic transition from sigma and n to sigma star and pi to pi star

Ultraviolet Visible Spectroscopy

What is ultraviolet visible (uv vis) spectroscopy? Ultraviolet visible spectroscopy or uv-vis spectroscopy involves the measurement of absorption or transmittance of energy in the ultraviolet...
Ionic mobility table, formula, unit and measurement in electrochemistry

Ionic Mobility

Ionic mobility in electrochemistry Ionic mobility in chemistry is the velocity of an ion under a unit potential gradient or field strength. Therefore, ionic mobility...