What is metal?

A metal is a type of periodic table element that has high electrical and thermal conductivity, luster, and easily losses electrons to form a cation. Different types of metals constitute three forth of the elements in the periodic table. Metals have properties to contain few electrons in the outer shell but it contains too many orbitals. It formed different types of crystals by a metallic bonding.

Metals on the periodic table

All the metals of the periodic table are classified as alkali, alkaline earth, transition, and rare earth metals. Properties and uses of different types of metal on the periodic table are given below the topics.

Copper chemical element or metal symbol, facts, properties, uses of copper alloys and position in periodic table


Facts about copper Copper is a chemical element and reddish-brown transition metal of Group 11 or IB of the periodic table with the symbol Cu...
Silver, shiny metal of Group 11 in periodic table element with chemical properties, application or uses in jewelry, coinage


Facts about silver Silver is the shiny white, lustrous transition metal of Group 11 or IB in the periodic table with atomic number 47 and...
Lithium element symbol, periodic table properties, and atomic model


Lithium metal Lithium (Li), atomic number 3, the lightest solid chemical element of Group 1 (IA) in the periodic table or alkali metal family has...