Greenhouse Effect and Greenhouse Gases

Greenhouse effect meaning increasing the global temperature of the world which trapping heat from the earth’s surface by CO2 gas and other gases are causes for warming the earth’s atmosphere and climate change. The contribution and effect of different greenhouse gases are different and their solutions to save our environment from global warming is a challenge today.

The definition of greenhouse comes from the fact that the effect used in horticulture for the upbringing of green plants in the small glass sheet houses. Since the glass sheet and roof allows the short wavelength of heat comes from the sunlight to go into the greenhouses freely.

Important, effect and solutions greenhouse gases to climate change and global warming in the earth

But the long wavelength of radiation comes from the soil, plants and other contents of greenhouses do not allow to go out from the houses easily. Therefore this trapping of heat or electromagnetic radiation raises the temperature inside the greenhouse.

Greenhouse Gases Contribution to Global Warming

The gases which trapping the heat or IR radiations come from earth atmosphere are called greenhouses gases.

CO2, CH4, CFC, O3, N2O, HFC, PFC, SF6, water vapor, etc are the main gases for increasing global temperature. Thus the contribution of global warming of different greenhouse gases as follows.

Greenhouse Gas Contribution
Carbon dioxide (CO2) 50%
Methane (CH4) 16-20%
CFC 13-18%
Ozone (O3) 7-8%
Nitrous oxide (N2O) 4-5%
Water vapor ≈ 2%

Importance of the Greenhouse Effect

Importance effect produced by the presence of the greenhouse gas layer of the earth’s environment for the existence of life.

Due to the presence of these gas layer in the atmosphere does not allow heat rays to go out of the atmosphere. Hence the temperature of the earth’s surface and its atmosphere increases.

The rises of the temperature of the earth are signs of the existence of the earth’s environment. Therefore the whole earth would be converted into a cold planet, and consequently, we are not able to live a normal life.

Definition of Global Warming and the Greenhouse Effect

CO2 contributes 50% of our greenhouse gases. When the atmosphere contains too much quantity of CO2, the effect considerably rises. Therefore this excess quantity of CO2 or other greenhouse gases causes or warming the global temperature by climate change.

  1. This too much rises temperature melt snow mountains of our environment which floods the low lying areas of our earth.
  2. This also changes the biological activity of oceans and the patterns of cropping.

Thus the presence of an excess CO2 in the atmosphere brings about climate change.

Global Warming Solutions

Solutions the effect of global warming by excess CO2 and other greenhouse gases we take the following measures

  1. Balancing the quantity of CO2 present in the earth’s atmosphere.
  2. Decreasing the use of fossil fuels like coak, wood, and petroleum. Increasing the uses of renewable energy like solar energy, wind energy, etc.
  3. We see that green plants absorbed CO2 gas for the manufacture of their food and same time release O2 gas. Therefore in the manufacture of their food, the plants convert CO2 to O2. When we grow more plants, it absorbs the excess quantity of CO2 to save our environment.
  4. Stop the use of cooling agents like chlorofluorocarbon.